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We're a team of experts who creates exposure and brand awareness via SEO content writing

SEO content is, quite simply, content that’s designed to rank in search engines like Google.

Copywriting is the art and science of creating content that prompts the reader/end-user to either buy a product, subscribe to a list, take a test drive, or take some other action that will improve your appeal to the end-user such as customers, clients, prospects, readers, etc.

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Develop an SEO
Content Strategy

The steps we take to develop an SEO content strategy

Defining Goals

First, determine goals as a website or business. Are we looking to drive sales through your website? Do we monetize your site via ads and therefore just want to increase traffic and return readership? These goals will determine what types of content We must focus on.

Considering Audience

Know the audience – analytics software can help to get a better picture of typical visitor or client. Consider developing marketing personas, or characters that represent your ideal site visitors and customers. Then think about what kinds of content those personas would be looking for.

Creating an Editorial Calendar

Once we have an idea of who we are targeting and why, we can start to build out an editorial calendar. An editorial calendar is a schedule that dictates when we will publish new content and what type of content it will be. This will help us stick to a regular schedule as well as prevent us from scrambling to come up with a topic for new content at the last minute.

Analyze and Re-Assess

Finally, stay on top of website’s analytics. We regularly analyze the SEO content to see what’s working and what isn’t. Good measures of success and engagement include page views, links, comments, social shares and conversion rates.

Search Engines Like Google

Ranks Webpages
with Content Not only Keyword

Content is the driving factor behind top ranking web pages. Web pages that accurately solve a search query, offer valuable insight to consumers or that can help a consumer make more educated decisions or purchases will rank higher than sales pages. Looking at page structure, content and layout we can find areas of optimization to increase search visibility.

Google ranking is determined by algorithms and is computer based. Search algorithms can read site code and content to determine the value of a web page. SEO involves the critical balance between writing content that search engines like and content that appeals to web users. We use tested content structures designed for optimal search recognition that combine with user friendly content that is informative and represent an organization as an industry authority figure. Our content generation techniques allow web sites to feed the correct data to Google while offering web users desired information.

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Time to get serious. Every reputable SEO agency will tell you that search engine optimization is not an overnight fix, it requires a long-term strategy that plays to your strengths, takes advantage of competitor weaknesses and delivers constant streams of quality traffic to your website.

Any agency that guarantees you quick results will most likely be telling you some porkies or using black hat techniques, potentially compromising your credibility and ranking capabilities.