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Project management is the art of coordinating resources and directing unidisciplinary groups so that the components of work performed by each group accumulates into a multidisciplinary team effort which achieves the desired objectives (or contracted scope of work) on time and within budget.

— Project Management as an Agent

— Project Management as a Consultant (or Representative)


Project Management
Process We Follow.

First things to do is "Ask Some Questions"

Project management begins with planning to achieve a goal. Many questions about a project must be considered before the project even begins:

  • Why is the project being initiated?
  • What problem is being solved?
  • Who are the project’s stakeholders? (The stakeholders are the “customers” of the project as well as anyone else that may be impacted.)
  • How does the project fit in with the organization’s goals and priorities?
  • When is the target date of completion for the project?


Software Development
Management Methods
at Pampart.

Extreme Project Management

Based on the frequent change and uncertainty, extreme project management is designed for projects with high stakes and short deadlines. Extreme projects place emphasis on innovation and quality of life. Requirements can change rapidly. The focus of extreme project management is less on templates and more on leadership, because a leader can help navigate a rapidly changing environment.

Agile Project Management

One of the newest methods of project management is agile project management, often used in software development. Emphasis is placed on an integrated team of developers, managers, quality assurance, and customers and open communication is a key to the effectiveness of this method. Short-term deliverables called sprints allow for testing and changes.

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