SEO Services For eCommerce

600.00  450.00  + VAT 24%

This item: SEO Services For eCommerce
600.00  450.00  + VAT 24%
600.00  450.00  + VAT 24%
1 × Competitor Add-On for SEO Services

Market Exploring, Competitor tracking and traffic analysis, Competitor benchmark and comparison,  Historical data research , Top pages research

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Search Engine Optimisation for eshops. eCommerce SEO services


1st Page On Google: SEO for E-Shops : Nowadays, It’s very easy and cheap to have a website or an e-shop but what about the visitors and customers. It is very hard to drive organic traffic and turn your visitors in to customers.

Businesses owners realized the necessity of having e-shops and 95% of small-medium businesses needed an e-shop to survive since the beginning of Covid-19 pandemic. Even organizations like ESPA started financial support programs for businesses to have an e-shop.

Now the new problem is; there is a new online shop everyday and the competition is getting bigger and much more faster than ever. What will happen when every business have their eshop. Obviously it’s waste of time, effort and money to have an e-shop without client who can find and visit your shop with organic search results without you paying for unending pay per clicks.

Facts Of Search Analytics

– 91% of adults use search engines to find information.

– Google dominates search with over 90% of the market.

– About 95% of searchers only look at the first page of Google.

– The top organic search result in Google gets clicked over 30% of the time.

– Moving up one position in the search results can increase click through rates by over 30%.

– 46% of all searches are looking for local info.

– People view highly ranked sites as more authentic and trustworthy.

** Our SEO offer starts minimum period of 4 months contract. **

Our SEO process is not easy, not fast or magical but rather, it is built on hard work, data, analytics and tests. Search engine ranking with data-driven SEO has become an essential ingredient for reaching an online audience.

Our safe approach to Search Engine Optimization incorporates researched methods of White Hat SEO and SEM adhering to Google’s guidelines for Webmasters.

What we offer in (SEO) Search Engine Optimisation Package.

– Keyword Research to find the types of keywords customers are searching and analyze the possibility to be ranked with these keywords.

– Adjusting/fixing site architecture and link hierarchy based on your keyword research, broken links

– Technical SEO to ensure search engines can crawl your site efficiently. Image optimization, css and javascript optimization.

– On-Page SEO through strategic keyword optimization in titles, meta tags and content.

– Off-Page SEO and Link Building to help improve the authority of your website. To link the keywords in the pages and products each other. Create backlinks and locate toxic backlinks that has negative effect on your ranking. Create sitemaps and register Google, Bing, Yandex Search Consoles. To create Google My Business profile, Social Media profiles, blog registrations, etc.

– Local SEO to help drive local organic traffic and reach to customers in your local area. Distribute business information, Locate duplicated information and incorrect information and correct them.

– Content Marketing to drive additional organic visitors by creating unique content/blog articles based on keyword research.

– Historical data research of your website to understand seasonal ups and down, locate most visited pages and contents and compare with today’s data.

– Desktop rank and Mobile device rank tracking – Track your website ranking separately on mobile and desktop devices to adjust strategy and plan next steps.

– Social media profile monitoring – monitoring social media by posts and track post engagements to understand user behavior for next post to drive more engagement and conversation.

– Local rank tracking; We monitor your business’s local visiblity and ranking on Google My Business and Facebook. Locate the searches and visibility regarding to search resullts in Google Maps, Business and your Facebook business page.

– Monitor user reviews and suggestions – We monitor user reviews and suggestions platforms like Google my business etc.

– Google analytics and Google Data Studio.

Domain and keyword tracking; We keep track your website visibility in search engines.

Weekly reports

Advanced Options For SEO

– Market Exploring, Key market players, Market shares, audience age, gender and behavior, seasonal peaks etc.

– Competitor traffic analysis – Analyze your competitor for incoming traffic, if it’s paid or organic traffic, desktop or mobile visitors.

– Competitor benchmark and comparison – Benchmark your competitor and see their strong and weak points.

– Historical data research of your competitor’s website to understand ups and down.

– Top pages research – Find the top pages in the related business and the reasons of being top pages.


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