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Trust in Pampart is created through transparency. With sketchy SEO agencies making ridiculous promises of overnight rankings on Google we provide our clients with data driven and fact-based SEO techniques for a tested approach to long-term traffic growth.

Our SEO process is not easy, not fast or magical but rather, it is built on hard work, data, analytics and  tests. Search engine ranking with data-driven SEO has become an essential ingredient for reaching an online audience.

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Building a long-term, safe and sustainable marketing strategy

Our safe approach to Search Engine Optimization incorporates researched methods of White Hat SEO and SEM adhering to Google’s guidelines for Webmasters,

Content and Quality.

Our approach to Search Engine Optimization is based on building a long-term, safe and sustainable marketing strategy that avoids Google penalties, maintains rankings through core algorithm changes and protects client web sites.

SEO is a continuously changing internet marketing strategy designed to increase the visibility of a web site in order to generate traffic from a (SERPs) search engine results page. Search Engine Optimization (SEO) has a direct effect on growing web site traffic by generating higher ranking in organic or natural online search. The higher a site ranks for targeted keywords or phrases the more potential traffic can be generated resulting in higher conversion rates that boost lead generation and online sales.

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What We Do

At Pampart we handle SEO campaigns in several categories of site analysis to optimize each key aspect of Search Engine Optimizationin order to satisfy each element of a search algorithm.

Thematic Keyword Research
Industry research is the start of each SEO campaign. This research and analysis will help us determine what your clients are searching for and what their search queries show about their business needs, shopping habits or pain points that your company can solve. A keyword and site audit is the foundation for increasing search engine traffic.
Technical Site Optimization
Technical search engine optimization (On-Page SEO) refers to the editing of code and structure, adjustments to text placement on-page, optimizing images and site media and increasing the visibility of a web site for increased ranking. These are data-driven and tested site modifications affecting online visibility for increased search engine ranking.
Copy and Web Site Content
Content creation is critical to ranking and capturing site visitors. We continually test content for length, relevance, HTML structure and how the inclusion of site multi-media affects ranking. We use data to determine the optimal placement of keywords, the correct number or words, LSI phrases and media for the best site optimization.
Conversion Rate Optimization
CRO is a system for increasing the percentage of visitors to a website that convert into customers, or more generally, take any desired action on a webpage. Optimizing a web page to convert the largest amount of site visitors is critical. Increases Return Of Investment and business revenue.
Repeat SEO Process
Continue analyzing data, making edits and updating the web site to increase relevance and account for search engine ranking updates. As competition grows and changes web sites must also make adjustments to maintain high ranking. Continue Off-Page SEO and citation creation.
Campaign Reporting
As a data driven company we look closely at analytics each month to evaluate campaign success and plan future marketing tasks. We evaluate both long term and short term internet marketing goals and make campaign adjustments based on careful inspection of user statistics.
// Google ranks web pages, not keywords.

Content Analysis & Content Creation

Google ranks web pages, not keywords.

Content is the driving factor behind top ranking web pages. Web pages that accurately solve a search query, offer valuable insight to consumers or that can help a consumer make more educated decisions or purchases will rank higher than sales pages. Looking at page structure, content and layout we can find areas of optimization to increase search visibility.

Google ranking is determined by algorithms and is computer based. Search algorithms can read site code and content to determine the value of a web page. SEO involves the critical balance between writing content that search engines like and content that appeals to web users. We use tested content structures designed for optimal search recognition that combine with user friendly content that is informative and represent an organization as an industry authority figure. Our content generation techniques allow web sites to feed the correct data to Google while offering web users desired information.