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With Disaster Recovery as a Service (DRaaS), revolutionize the strategy of disaster recovery for your business and restore your critical systems within minutes, not hours. We take the complexity that comes with constructing, operating, testing and maintaining a disaster recovery infrastructure and make it simple with Disaster Recovery as a Service.

// Virtualization & Disaster Recovery

Server Virtualization
& Disaster Recovery

In today’s world ransomware and malwares are everywhere. None of the data is safe and secure. Out of the cyber attacks users itself makes the network vulnerable, You can’t be sure if all your employees will delete “that email or link”. And many believe that backing up data to physical media is a relic of the last century. 

What happens if they attack your back-up? And encrypts it? 

In this scenario the question is not If you have a back-up. The question How long it will take to  bring your company back alive and funtioning?

Our answer is “in minutes!”

// Virtualization & Disaster Recovery

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