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We also are Certified professionals of Kaspersky Products which we can provide all support you need with your software. Before you buy or technical support for your existing product. Or after your purchase from installation to upgrade.

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We Protect  Your Business

For small business owners who have to deal with everything themselves, including IT, it
can be challenging to focus on what matters. Cybercriminals often choose very small companies as their targets. Small businesses rarely spend significant money on security systems, often do not even have an IT specialist, and most important, are more likely to operate from just one or two computers, which makes it easier to choose a target that holds the kind of information cybercriminals are usually hunting for.

Pre-Sales Support

You want to invest to protect your business in digital environment but don’t know how. Contact us to discuss about your infrastructure and find out best cyber security solution for the most beneficial price for you.


You did you discovery and get the most precious advice from professionals to purchase a security software but to install it not just Next and Skip or later. Contact us to arrange a meeting and we can assist you in-premises.

Set-Up and Upgrade

Most of the software requires advanced level of knowledge even just for an easy update or a version upgrade. You must uninstall and install your software from scratch. And for a business the worst case scenario is to lose customer data. Contact us to handle all these stress while you focus on your business.

Don’t Become a Statistic!

19.8% of user computers were subjected to at least one Malware-class web attack over the year.  Kaspersky solutions repelled 975.491.360 attacks launched from online resources located all over the world. 273.782.113 unique URLs were recognized as malicious by web antivirus components. Kaspersky’s web antivirus detected 24.610.126 unique malicious objects. 755.485 computers of unique users were targeted by encryptors. 2.259.038 computers of unique users were targeted by miners.

Kaspersky solutions blocked attempts to launch malware capable of stealing money via online banking on 766 728 devices.

Small Office Security

1 – 50 Employees

Kaspersky Small Office Security has been specifically designed for small offices who want to focus on growing their revenues while having peace of mind about their IT security with protection that’s affordable and reliable. Kaspersky Small Office Security combines the simplicity of home PC protection with special capabilities to keep your business safe while employees are doing their jobs.

KASPERSKY Endpoint Security Cloud & CloudPlus

1 – 50 Employees

Quick-start endpoint protection with a Security-as-a-Service solution that makes minimal demands on your budget, time and energies. No extra server or software deployment costs. Protection for any endpoint – with free mobile device security. Instant protection with predefined security policies.  Always the latest, most up-to-date software.

KASPERSKY Endpoint Security for Business

51 – 999 Employees

Future-proof security that enables business transformation by fully protecting against even the most advanced threats and separating responsibilities, giving you more time to focus on business needs. Scales easily, securing diverse environments and platforms. Flexible policies, with the freedom to choose when to migrate to new versions.  Powerful security and control for any static or mobile device

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