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Digital Marketing and SMM Services for your brand

You focus on your business, We got social media covered.

Based on our digital strategy, we selectively create the personalized and unique plan and content for each client, on specific Social Media pages/sites while track down your competitors.

We design and recommend the best digital strategy that suits the real needs of our customers’ and their products & services.

— We understand what your business needs and have the ability to provide comprehensive services.

— We Create
— We Find
— We Manage
— We Track Down
Working hours
were spent


Creative studio with
art & technologies.

The ideal package to get you started.

We Create For You
  • 7 Facebook posts/7 Instagram posts/7 LinkedIn/7 Pinterest per week
  • Post content, the text and the image adjustment (Product photographs must be provided by you)
We Find For You
  • Relevant audience for your ads
  • The Perfect Timing of your audience's online availability
  • A suggested ad budget (the amount is not included in the box price) that is set by you each month
We Manage For You
  • Ads and campaigns
  • The setting of the ad audience for the best performance
  • The messages and the communication with the audience and the followers or we help you manage them with counselling (Community Management)
We Track For You
  • Social Media Analytics
  • Competitors  Growth of Audience, Activity and Post Engagement 
  • Competitor  Ad Campaigns 
  • Top Content based on Channel or Competitor 


Tailor Made

As We provide tailor made solutions to each customer individually. We understand your needs and have the ability to provide comprehensive services. We have modern ideas and suggestions. We are always up to date with new trends and keep up with developments.

We respect your product or service and the investment you make, and we look forward to delivering the best quality results!

Complementary Design Services

Post And Story Design For Business Profiles

Even only to think “what to post today” is very hard and time consuming task when it comes to post for a business page or profile and because of this sometimes the post does not reflect what your business want to say.

We design beautiful and unique post and stories for your social media accounts on monthly or weekly bases depends on your needs, so you can concentrate to run your business.

Let’s Manage Your Accounts

Getting Lost Between Work
and Social Media?

We’re a team of creatives who are excited about unique ideas and help fin-tech companies to create amazing identity by crafting top-notch design services in Athens Greece.

You may ask yourself how you can manage the both your business and social media accounts daily bases with a focus. The answer is “You Can Not”.