Designer Shows How People In Other Professions React When Asked For Free Stuff

Josiah Brooks is an animator, game designer, and musician based in Victoria, Australia. He spends most of his time creating content on his Youtube Channel Draw With Jazza, where he teaches people how to draw, animate, and paint.

Josiah loves his work, but like most artists, he gets a lot of requests from people asking him to work for free. Frustrated with such requests, Brooks wanted to show these freeloaders if it’s ok to ask people in the creative industry to work without payment.

He set up a hidden camera prank in which he went around town asking people in different businesses for free stuff in exchange for “exposure” or “credit”. Watch their reactions below.

The travel agent at 03:44 puts it well – “It diminishes the value of our product if we offer things for free when we know that we can build rapport, and have great experiences, and get people giving word of mouth experiences, and still conduct a business.”


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