Corporate Social Responsibility Policy (CSR)

Pampart Design Software & IT (as “Pampart”) aspires to go above and beyond our charitable mission and to make positive contributions to the communities we are in and to the nation overall, while ensuring that this does not detract from our core purpose.

We’ve a continued determination to make positive contributions to the communities we are in and to the nation overall to continue the development of a learning society.

What Is CSR?

Our Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) policy outlines our efforts to give back to the world as it gives to us. The primary purpose of the Pampart’s CSR philosophy is to make a meaningful and measurable impact in the lives of economically, physically and socially challenged communities of the country.

CSR Scope

This policy applies to Pampart Design Software & IT and its subsidiaries. It may also refer to suppliers and partners.

CSR Policy Elements

This policy describes the commitment of Pampart Design and the employees towards society, nature and aim to be a responsible business that meets the highest standards of ethics and professionalism.

Pampart’s social responsibility falls under two categories: compliance and pro-activeness. Compliance refers to our company’s commitment to legality and willingness to observe community values. Pro-activeness is every initiative to promote human rights, help communities and protect our natural environment.



Pampart Design Software & IT will;

  • Respect the law
  • Honor its internal policies
  • Ensure that all its business operations are legitimate
  • Keep every partnership and collaboration open and transparent

Business Ethics

Pampart is committed to maintaining the highest standards of integrity and corporate governance practices in order to maintain excellence in its daily operations, and to promote confidence in our governance systems.

Pampart will conduct its business in an open, honest, and ethical manner. We recognizes the importance of protecting all of our human, financial, physical, informational, social, environmental, and reputational assets. Pampart will advise our partners, contractors, and suppliers of our Corporate Social Responsibility Policy, and will work with them to achieve consistency with this policy.

  • Safety and fair dealing
  • Respect toward the consumer and customer
  • Anti-bribery and anti-corruption practices


Community Investments

Pampart will contribute to our host communities’ quality of life by supporting innovative programs in health, education, social services and the environment, as well as cultural and
civic projects. Pampart may offer it’s services and resources as followed;

  • Non-Profit, Non-Governmental Organizations
  • Civil Rights, Human Rights Organizations
  • Advance the Arts and Educational events and Organizations
  • Collaborate with 3rd party businesses of any campaign which aims to provide a better environment and future for kids
  • Collaborate with 3rd party businesses of any campaign which aims to provide a better environment and future for people with disabilities.

Preserving the environment

Pampart recognizes the need to protect the natural environment. Keeping our environment clean and unpolluted is a benefit to all. We’ll always follow best practices when disposing garbage and using chemical substances. Stewardship will also play an important role. Apart from legal obligations, our company will proactively protect the environment. Examples of relevant activities include;

  • Recycling
  • Conserving energy
  • Organizing reforestation excursions
  • Using environmentally-friendly technologies
  • Working in an entirely digital process flow and not printing unless legally required.

Protecting people

Pampart ensures that we:

  • Don’t risk the health and safety of our employees and community.
  • Avoid harming the lives of local and indigenous people.
  • Support diversity and inclusion.

Human rights

Pampart is dedicated to protecting human rights. We are a committed equal opportunity employer and will abide by all fair labor practices. We’ll ensure that our activities do not directly or indirectly violate human rights in any country.

Updated on 01 June 2022