Common Myths of Social Marketing No:3

Myth 3: Social Situations Are A Great Place To Market A Product

Most people is familiar with being advertised through media platforms. Just like the television, radio, magazines or newspapers. It is kind of a barter, change-off. The TV network provides to consumer a TV show or form of entertainment. And in trade the viewer watches an commercial.

In a subtle manner it is a method we’ve got regularly occurring for buying our entertainment. But recall interruptions in social settings. Interruption on social media is similar to being interrupted with a door-to-door salesman even as having dinner with own family or that stressful bloodless-name at an inopportune time. Would it not be appropriate to market a product and provide a sales-pitch all through a dinner party or might you textual content message all your pals an advertisement they did no longer ask for? Invading private social space frequently results in greater annoyance than sales. I’ve in no way once long past to social media to search for a products or services.


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