Common Myths of Social Marketing No:2

Myth 2: Social Marketing is NOT Interruption Marketing

Inbound marketing is based on an idea of providing quality content answers and provide solutions to potential readers can be posted on social channels to reach an audience that will send 100.000 visitors to a web site.

Great content magically creates site traffic.

The problem with inbound marketing, and Hub Spot methods, is that most businesses don’t have 50,000 Facebook followers and an army or Twitter readers hanging on every word that they post. In order for users to see this content that have to promote it on various social channels.

Inbound marketers seem to think that their advertising is radically different than TV or Newspaper advertisers which flood a market playing a numbers game to reach potential clients. In other words, TV advertisements interrupt a television program to push a product to a large market (which is somewhat targeted based on the demographics of the TV show) in attempts that someone will need that product at that time.

How have inbound marketers convinced clients that social media uses a different model? Social media is a social platform, meaning that users are there to interact with friends, family or interact socially. When users are interrupted with advertisements in a social situation, is that really any different than being interrupted during a TV show or when listening to music on the radio?

It is expected that we will be marketed to while watching TV or listening to the radio but Facebook started out as an ad-free platform. Users were accustomed to browsing Facebook without being inundated with marketing messages. The addition of advertisements now heightens the level of annoyance and feels like a blunt interruption that is invasive to personal social space.


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