Common Myths of Social Marketing No:1

Myth: Social Marketing is Inexpensive

It is not as expensive as a TV commercial that runs on prime time or a high rated show or publishing a full-page advertisement in an industry related publication. But to create a powerful campaign which brands a product or service and that creates targeted traffic is not a easy fix.

In consideration of create a campaign or boost a post in Facebook and Instagram, Facebook provides advertisers with a decent amount of information to target potential users. At time same time that data is not as specific as most people think to create an inexpensive campaign. Age, sex and location is great data to start with in small local markets but you can not target users that currently need a specific service or product which can be in need of to reach a very targeted market. That means you need large portion of marketing budget being used to promote a product to an audience that is not highly targeted.

Just as a basic start look at your friends list, How many of these people are Presidents, CEOs or CFOs? B2B marketing is trying to reach an elite group of people that can make higher level purchasing decisions. And social media platforms does not give these data to send a paid campaign to only people with CEO in their job title or only send a video to heads of marketing department.

The target market is buried so deep in an ocean of unclassified users that the return of investment is terrible.


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